Good’n Healthy February 2021

Don’t Assume Fitness Watches Tell Whole Health Story I’ve been noticing a lot of people tracking their fitness with Fitbits, Apple Watches, WHOOP bands and other wrist-worn exercise monitors. While these devices are great to help people make a quantifiable […]

Good’n Healthy January 2021

Health is a Lifestyle It’s finally here. 2021 has come. We weathered the storm of 2020. It’s time to refocus, gathering what we have learned from the last year and redirecting our trajectory to new heights with new goals. How […]

Good’n Healthy December 2020

2020 has been full of surprises and unprecedented circumstances but what it has also brought awareness on our overall health as a nation. Disease has been around since the dawn of life. There will be more new and even scarier […]

Good’n Healthy November 2020

One Step at a time towards better health   I have an honest question to ask you. Do you think it’s normal to be unhealthy?   The next question is, what is normal to you? I am a firm believer […]

Good’n Healthy October 2020

What are functional movements? Over the last decade I have experienced a lot of different versions of so-called “functional movements.” They involved bands, stability balls, as well as weight machines. Although these modalities do serve a purpose that can be […]

Good’n Healthy August 2020

Don’t let diabetes win. Fight disease with real foods, exercise. I have worked with a number of clients over the years who struggle through the adversities of diabetes. Most of the issues that surround this disease stem from the individual’s lack […]

Good’n Healthy July 2020

Working out with bumps, bruises I have encountered many people throughout my coaching career that have some concerns about back, shoulder, knee and/or ankle injuries. Should this be a limiting factor in your physical fitness journey? Should you avoid moving […]

Good’n Healthy June 2020

It never fails. You read about a new miracle diet that is going to change your life like nothing you have ever experienced. These articles are usually paired with a doctor’s name or claim to have this deep scientific understanding, […]

Good’n Healthy May 2020

The Idea of Long Life What is your idea of living a long life? Is it retiring and finding your way to an assisted living facility? Is it taking medications that will diminish certain conditions to prolong your conscious life […]